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Yoga Meditation Tips

Meditation is an integral part of yoga. Meditation unites your mind, body and spirit. Meditation massages the internal organs and creates peace within oneself.

Before you start meditating first make your environment quiet and clean. You shouldn’t have any distractions. It’s always better to do mediation at a specific time everyday to make it a habit. This article has got some useful tips for effective meditation.

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Meditation position

Proper sitting position is important for making you to stay focused while meditating. Sit with crossed legs with you spine upright and straight. You can simply sit on the floor or you can use straight-backed chair or mediation cushion. Meditation cushion gives you good comfort and helps you to sit straight. It’s doesn’t really matter whether you open or close eyes while mediating. See in which position (eyes open or close) you’re able to stay focused and relaxed and go with that position.

Focus on your breath

Following your breath is an important aspect of meditation. Focusing on breath can prevent the mind from wandering. In the beginning days you may find it bit hard to follow the breath so you can try this technique – When you inhale mentally say “inhale” and say “exhale” when you exhale. You can also count each inhale and exhale. These tricks are really helpful to stay focused.

Have a mantra

Using mantra is a widely practiced meditation technique. What is it? While meditating you can repeat words with positive vibration such as “om”, “love”, “peace” and “relax”. You can say aloud or within mind, that doesn’t matter. This technique makes you feel good and positive.

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