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Time and Place for Yoga

You can create a yoga environment in your home and can start practicing on your own with help of books and videos. But it’s always better to learn the basics from a yoga teacher. This article tells you about the ideal time and place for practicing yoga.

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Yoga Practice

Yoga Practice

At what time should I practice yoga?

Many of them who start doing yoga have doubt regarding the time to practice yoga. No time is the best time. Actually you can do yoga at any time of the day. It’s better to do when you feel like doing. Practicing active yoga poses in the morning makes you to stay energetic for rest of the day. During evening time it’s good to practice less active yoga as it calms your mind and helps you to sleep better. You can do yoga at any time, but stick to the same time everyday. Only if you do regularly at a specific time it will become a habit.

Where to practice yoga?

First find a place in your home that will be suitable for yoga and meditation. It’s better if you have a clean, airy and noise free environment. Also see to that there is plenty of sunlight entering your room. Flow of fresh air is very important as yoga involves lot of breathing exercises. Balcony and terrace are suitable places for yoga and exercise.

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