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Yoga is excellent for both our body and mind. One can follow a well-written book on yoga or learn it from a master. Do fifteen minutes of deep breathing every day. Breathe in fully through both nostrils with the mouth closed. Breathe out slowly through the mouth ending with a forceful expiration by contracting the abdominal muscles. This will completely clear the lungs of sputum and secretions. Also the lymphatic drainage will be improved, thus facilitating the removal of extra fluids from the body.

Sit upright and place one hand over your abdomen. Now contract and relax your abdominal muscles, so that you can see your hand move in and out. Next, with your mouth closed, breathe out through your nose each time your abdominal muscles and hand go in. Do this 20 times continuously at least three times a day. Do this simple exercise in any position, sitting, standing or even lying down. In addition to strengthening your abdominal muscles, it will also facilitate lymphatic drainage and augment your metabolism.

Mudra Pranayama:

It is believed that by maintaining certain hand positions (mudras) during deep breathing exercises (pranayama), we can direct our breath more effectively and specifically into the five lobes of our lungs. Prana (life energy) is then directed through various channels to energize and heal the body.

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