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Meat Eating and Yoga – Is it Feasible?

The link between yoga and meat-eating can be dealt in two dimensions, dietetically and psychologically. It is a known thing that meat is rich in animal fat, protein and minerals. People living in cold countries feel the need of eating meat and they can’t avoid it. But at the same time it doesn’t mean that it is not possible to live in those regions without eating meat. The diet of humans can be broadly classified as pure-vegetarian, non-vegetarian, and mixed diet. Nutritionists always say that mixed diet combination is better.



From emotional point of view, it is not only meat, even eating egg, fish, and poultry are equally objectionable. It’s because all these involve killing. In ancient literature of Hindu religion, Lord Krishna has stressed the importance of soul to Arjuna. The soul is eternal, for both humans and animals, and does not die with normal death. So the meaning derived is, the soul of animal is eternal and it exists even after it dies (killed). So the eating of animal flesh need not be abandoned just because it involves killing. It is a sensible explanation.

An experienced yoga practitioner, who aspires to penetrate into the deep roots of yoga, need not put too much importance on eating meat.

It’s good to avoid meat, but don’t care too much.

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