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Is Pranayama Dangerous?

In Hatha yoga texts, practicing Pranayama is compared with taming a lion or tiger, which shows the power of this breathing control exercise. It involves complete control over respiration, which is an intricate process as it involves the vital organs such as the lungs, brain and respiratory system. If not practiced in the right way, it may lead to several health disorders such as asthma, constant hiccups, head ache etc. However, a sincere student need not be kept away from practicing Pranayama. A person can be well trained in Pranayama with regular practice under an experienced instructor.


The danger comes in when done hastily without caution, or when over doing beyond one’s capacity. The duration of each sitting in Pranayama and the number of rounds per sitting should be increased only by practice and experience.

No danger in Pranayama if done after receiving proper instructions.

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