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Bikram Yoga for Weight loss

By spending 90 minutes you can shed a lot (really lot) of weight. Want to know how? It’s by doing Bikram yoga. This yoga has got 26 postures that have to be performed in a room heated to 40°C. Performing Bikram yoga for 90 minutes at 40°C will make you to sweat a lot and could burn up to 600 calories. It also boosts your strength like no other asana.

Doing this yoga three times a week (90 minutes per session) will bring out great difference. Once you have done it for a month, you will find it hard to recognize yourself in front of the mirror. That’s the magic of this yoga.


Bikram Yoga 26 Postures

The moves of bikram yoga are similar to other yogasanas but the main difference is the temperate and the speed at which the postures are worked out. In just 3 sessions you will get used to the heat and will gain confidence.

It’s often said that cycling, running or climbing are the top exercises for heart and could burn lot of calories. It’s true that they are good but Bikram yoga postures can double your heart beat from 70 to 140 in just five seconds and stands ahead of all.

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