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How Long to Wait After a Miscarriage?

A miscarriage is a very traumatic period for any couple, more so the woman. The entire unfortunate event of losing one’s baby plays havoc on the psychology of the woman apart from affecting her body medically. However as life goes on the question that is there in the woman’s mind is how long should she wait before she could have another try? Scientifically there is no one answer that would suit all women who have undergone a miscarriage. But on an average, the WHO and most Medical professionals ask the woman to give her body a rest of about 6 months before attempting pregnancy again.


Pregnancy after a Miscarriage

Why wait 6 months

The primary reason for waiting is to allow the woman to grieve her loss and be mentally strong to give herself another chance. Although for psychological matters it is very difficult to frame a time period, research has shown that women tend to be comparatively healed mentally in about 3 months. In the meanwhile she would have also undergone three menstrual cycles and the body too would get back to track to attempt another pregnancy. Also during pregnancy the body of the woman starts changing accordingly to endure the pregnancy. The changes might not be visible but internally the entire body changes drastically as having a baby is a very significant milestone for a woman. When the lady has a miscarriage all these bodily changes have to be undone and that takes time. If a lady ends up conceiving again before the body is back to normal as it was prior to the pregnancy it ends up causing stress to the body as it is not yet completely rejuvenated. In such cases the body may simply be unable to sustain the pregnancy and may miscarry again. To avoid another trauma and to let the pregnancy continue full term a woman has to be medically and psychologically sound.

Healing of the uterus

During pregnancy the uterus lining called the endometrium undergoes major changes to accommodate the fetus. After a miscarriage the uterus lining has to be given time to completely recover in order to be able to successfully sustain a new pregnancy which it may not be able to if the second pregnancy follows in quick succession.

Regularization of the menstrual cycle

How soon the menstrual cycle gets regular may vary from one woman to another. Sometimes the woman may start ovulating immediately and in some cases it may take a few menstrual cycles before things are normalized. The reason is that when a woman is pregnant the body releases a hormone known as the Human chorionic gonadotrophin(hCG) that prevents any further ovulation during pregnancy by suppressing the pituitary gland. When a woman miscarries she has to wait till the hCG present in the body drops to zero in order to let the pituitary gland function normally and let the ovulation resume. The reason for the miscarriage, age, medical condition of the woman are some factors that may affect the ovulation and hence the waiting period for the next pregnancy should be ideally suggested by the doctor keeping in mind all the relevant factors.

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  1. as per my knowledge we should at least wait for 6 month for reproductive system recovery


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