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Waist to Hip Ratio Calculator

Find your waist to hip ratio to determine your overall health risk.

Waist to hip ratio is considered as an important tool for measuring the risk of obesity, heart disease and diabetes. Doctors give more priority to waist-hip ratio compared to BMI value.

While taking measurement it’s necessary to stand erect and relaxed. Check your waist measurement at the narrowest section of your waist, which is just above the belly button. For hip, you have to measure the widest part of your buttocks.

If more weight is accumulated around the waist it is termed as “apple shaped” body type. If more weight is around the hips it is termed as “pear shaped” body type. People who are “apple-shaped” have more health risks compared to those with “pear-shaped” bodies.

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After finding the ratio value using Waist to Hip Ratio Calculator, compare it with the below table to determine your health risk status.

Gender Low Risk Moderate Risk High Risk
Men 0.95 or below 0.96 to 1.0 1.0+
Women 0.80 or below 0.81 to 0.85 0.85+

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