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Stress and hair thinning

Stress is the trigger for many health problems and at present medical experts say that stress can also cause hair thinning though it’s not yet proved. In some persons under severe stress the hair follicles completely stop hair production. Previous studies have confirmed that stress can make the skin dry and reduce the normal glow and so the same thing applies for hair also. Under stress a person doesn’t take proper food and there is a decrease in iron and nutrition level which in turn causes hair thinning and hair loss.

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Hair Thinning

Hair Thinning

Tips to De-Stress your hair

Lifestyle changes: Don’t miss your daily exercise and stick to healthy diet. Exercise is the best stress buster. Whole grains and green tea are some of the best stress busting foods.

Tackle the cause of stress: These days many people suffer from excessive work-related stress. Discuss your problem with your boss or colleagues. If your relationship has been the cause for stress then go for counseling with your partner and there will definitely be a positive change.

Little meditation: Every day after waking up and before going to bed meditate for some 5-10 minutes. It’s known that hair grows when you sleep and so by doing meditation you will have deep and relaxed sleep.

Stop worrying about your hair: Once you have identified your stresses you will start feeling better and your hair will again start growing. Don’t think too much…after all it’s just hair. Take things in a lighter vain.

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