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The Benefits of Napping

Napping is not just for children or the elderly, many men and women in business practice because it reduces stress and also improves their performance. Discover the benefits of sleep in the middle of the day.

According to a recent study by National Institute for Prevention and Health Education on a group of people, 45% of respondents believed that they are sleeping less than they need and 62% suffered from sleeping disorders (difficulty falling asleep). Nearly 48% of respondents felt that less sleep has created a negative impact on their character, 45% believed that it has affected their daily activities and relations with others. To remedy these problems, there is one solution: a nap!

Sleeping after Lunch

Sleeping after lunch doesn’t create great risk but if it’s practiced continuously it may become dangerous and in rare cases it even requires surgery. People who regularly sleep after lunch get a burning sensation in stomach and throat regions and sometimes the food stuff again comes back to their mouth. To improve digestion just take a glass of hot water after taking your lunch. Hot water improves digestions and it also melts the body fat.

The nap, it’s genetic!

Many don’t know that napping is also genetically programmed but that’s the truth. Don’t compare yourself with other some sleep during afternoons and some don’t sleep. Its based on individuals body conditions. If you feel good taking a sleep during the day then just take a short nap.

When and how to practice the nap …

There is no standard length for a nap: the right time is one that suits you but see to that the nap lasts 20 minutes. However, the number of naps (one, two or three or more per day) and duration (1 to 30 minutes or more) depend on individual criteria: schedule and preferences. If you can not lie down you can sit back straight with head leaning back or leaning forward. “The best way is to keep arms and legs uncrossed, eyes closed, breathing slowly along with the rhythm of thoughts, and relaxing every muscle in the body.”

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