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Mobile Addiction Affects Sleep

Mobile phone is turning out to be the next big addiction after caffeine. Surveys say that teenagers and young adults are getting more addicted when compared to middle aged people and in some more years children may also start using  more.

All other addictions such as alcohol, smoking or drugs cause physical effects whereas mobile phones cause psychological effects. In the recent years many say that their quality of sleep has gone down and let’s see about it.

Using Mobile Phones

Using Mobile Phones

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Are you not able to sleep even after giving up late evening coffee? The reason could be attending late night phone calls that make you feel wired instead of tired when going to bed. Those who often or continuously use mobiles have disrupted sleep patterns and often get headache. The radio waves from mobile activates your brain stress response system and because of this you take longer time to get into sleep and it also makes your sleep restless.

The mobile radio waves affect the production of the hormone Melatonin that our body releases during night for controlling internal rhythms. Irregular sleep pattern also affects your blood sugar level and reduces your ability to lose weight.

Addiction makes the person impatient when the phone gets switched off or charge drops down. It also increases the anxiety levels and cause sleep disorders and digestive problems.

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  1. mobiles an new techknowlodgy effect on life style badly


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