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How to Sleep Better

When you are tired you can’t concentrate and so you start doing activities in a clumsy way. Clumsiness is a symptom not a condition. One major sleep saboteur is stress and anxiety also adds to it and makes you feel more restless. Everyone wants to have a clean, pleasant and effective sleep but only a small portion of people really get it. This article has got some good tips that will help you to sleep better.

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Sleep Better

Sleep Better

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Tips to Sleep Better

1. Reduce nicotine and caffeine intake. It’s better to avoid at least reduce caffeine intake especially in the evening.

2. No PC No TV. Watching TV or using computer in your bedroom keeps your brain cells to stay awake and this is a common reason for many sleepless nights.

3. Close your eyes, take a deep breath and relax your mind. Though the line looks simple and easy, practicing it regularly is a little hard task but it really makes a big difference by taking out all the anxious feeling from your mind and makes you to sleep better.

4. Make your bedroom dark and cool. Your bedroom should be ideal for sleeping. See to that there are no lights that can disturb you during sleep. Open the windows and lie on the side were you get chill breeze. Switch off your mobiles and keep it away from you. You can use eye covers if needed. If you’re room is air-conditioned then use blackout curtains.

5. Alcohol can’t bring down your worries. Actually it increases.  Alcohol actually interrupts your sleep and will make you more clumsy the next morning.

6. Exercise regularly. Doing some aerobic exercises at least for about 15-20 minutes a day help you to get deeper sleep and you will get sleep much quicker. You can also do yoga regularly, if not at least twice a week.

7. Proper Food: Don’t eat heavily before going to bed because it will disturb your sleep as the body feels hard in digesting the excess food. Just eat half the quantity that you take in morning.

Following this tips will definitely help you to get a much better sleep.

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