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Treatment for Cuts and Scrapes

These are the injuries that affect the outer epidermal layer of the skin resulting in bleeding and various other side effects. A cut is that wherein the skin gets sliced off due to certain sharp objects whereas scrapes is the one wherein the skin gets abraded. Here in this article you can see the causes, symptoms and treatment for cuts and scrapes.

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Cuts and Scrapes

Cuts and Scrapes


  • Cuts are mainly caused due to various sharp objects like knife, blades, broken pieces of glass, metal pieces.
  • Scrapes are caused due to rubbing of skin by rough surfaces like rough walls, gravel etc.


  • Bleeding through the narrow slices of the skin.
  • Skin abrasions.
  • Holes in the skin.


  • Lavender oil – Apply 1 or 2 drops to wound after cleansing.
  • Aloe vera gel – Apply liberally to wound 3 or 4 times a day. Use fresh aloe leaf or a commercial gel.
  • Vitamin A – 50 000 IU twice a day for 5 days with food. It is advised to take with 30mg zinc a day. If pregnant or considering pregnancy dosage should not exceed 2500 IU a day.
  • Vitamin C – 1000mg 3 times a day for 5 days. If in case diarrhoea develops, reduce the dosage.
  • Tea tree oil – Apply 1 or 2 drops to wound after cleansing. Lavender oil can also be used.
  • Echinacea – Add 3 drops tincture to 1 tsp water. Apply to the wound. It can also be used as a substitute for tea tree oil. Drink 1 cup of Echinacea or goldenseal tea 3 times a day until wound heals.
  • Calendula cream – Apply to wound 3 times a day in place of aloe. Goldenseal cream or a combination of candela and goldenseal is also effective.
  • Bromelain – 500mg 3 times a day on an empty stomach for 5 days. This is an anti-inflammatory enzyme that is found in pineapples.

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