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How to get rid of dark circles

Dark circle around eyes is not only faced by older people; more and more youngsters are having problem with dark circles and these circles turn uglier if not dealt with as soon as possible. They come as a result of age, stress or even heredity. If most of the older people amongst your blood relatives have dark circles the chances of you getting dark circles increase as well. In this article let us see some useful tips for treating dark circles:



Tips to cure Dark circles

Black teabags: Black tea teabags have been known to help get rid of the dark circles under eyes. When using black tea, do not dispose the teabags immediately; let them sit on each of your eyes for 20 minutes. Use separate teabag for each eye and after a week or so you will see very good improvement.

Icepacks: A good alternative to teabags is icepacks which are also placed on eyes in the same way like tea bags. In some time after having icepack you will notice the skin becoming supple and this action helps get rid of dark circles.

Cucumbers: Dark circles are caused when the skin below the eyes becomes little loose and soft. Tightening the skin naturally using cucumbers will go a long way when getting rid of dark circles. Place freshly cut cucumber pieces on your eyes everyday for a few weeks and you will see clear difference.

Vitamin supplementation: The supplementation of vitamins; especially vitamin K is a good remedy that work wonders on removing dark circles. Take enough supplements will help get rid of the ugly circles in short time.

Water, water and more water: Finally, here is the best of remedies that will not only make sure you get rid of dark circles, but will also make sure you never get them again, that is water. Hydrate your body with water round the clock. See to that you take at least 8 glasses of water every day. Clean your face often with water and mild soap to keep your skin stay hydrated.

Stress management: Any temporary solution will be useless if the underlying cause of dark circles is not dealt with. While one of the many causes of dark circles may be age, others are stress and lack of sleep. When it comes to managing stress, you have to learn to be proactive. Eat well, sleep well and exercise well. Your body needs all kinds of nutrients. So you have to regularly take all kinds of vegetables and fruits. Drop the bad habits of drinking and smoking which aggravate these conditions.

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