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How to get fuller cheeks naturally

Many women want to have fuller chubby apple shaped cheeks but are not able to. Women are always busy, taking care of kids, and running households and barely have time to take care of their cheeks and this is evident in time. Many opt for expensive plastic surgery as the last option. Do you want to get fuller cheeks without opting for surgery? All it takes to have chubby cheeks is a little bit of care every day. It always works to take care of your cheeks by a simple beauty procedure that you can perform every day.

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Fuller Cheeks

Make time to take care of your cheeks everyday and you will reap the rewards. There are many alternative beauty procedures to choose from; here are some of them.

“An apple a day keeps the doctor away” is a saying that applies to women who want to have chubby cheeks as well. Prepare an apple poultice and apply on your face every morning. Make sure it is well smashed so that application on your face is easy. Use blender to make the apple fine and apply it on your face each day. Gently massage the apple poultice on your face and with time you will have the chubby cheeks you have always wanted.

A little butter and sugar goes a long way in taking care of your face and cheeks. The blender comes in handy in this option too since you want to have a soft creamy mixture to apply on your face. It should have the same consistency as your regular facial. Apply it before you take a bath. This tips gives great results.

Some special diets have been known to increase the chubbiness of the cheeks. Aside from maintaining a healthy active lifestyle, you need to increase the intake of some of these foods for the extra chubbiness of your cheeks. Honey, olive oil, apples, carrots, milk, cheese and oats are known to make your skin supple and your cheeks chubby. Take in a lot of water (the usual 8 glasses per day) to keep the cheeks chubby.

People with thin cheeks can gargle with ginglee oil (sesame oil) or honey everyday to develop chubby cheeks.

Healthy Fuller Cheeks Recipes

  1. Mix 3 pieces of apple, 3 slices of carrot and add half cup of lemon juice to it. Drink this juice every morning to make your cheeks chubbier.
  2. Take a cup of milk, 1 teaspoon butter, 1 teaspoon honey, 2 small pieces of cheese, 1 tablespoon oats and mix all these ingredients together. Eat this mixture regularly along with orange juice to get chubby cheeks in short time.
  3. Avoid using turmeric powder as it makes your skin look dry.
  4. Skin loses its natural charm if it lacks the required oil and shrinks your cheeks. Regular intake of dried fruits solves this problem. Taking few badam, pista and cashew nuts daily will provide the sufficient oil and enhances the skin texture.
  5. Mix 1 teaspoon of honey with 1 teaspoon of papaya paste. Apply the pack for 10 minutes and rinse your face with lukewarm water. This helps to remove wrinkles and make the skin smooth and silky.
  6. Applying aloe vera gel or cream regularly will enhance your skin and make it look more healthy and fresh.

Try the recipes that are suitable for you and get smooth chubby fuller cheeks in no time.

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  1. I will try this for two week to see if works….I will make photos before and after to see the difference.


    Ana Reply:

    Did it work? I’m not convinced on wasting that many apples on my face. Did you see any improvement?


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    Yea did it work ja?


  2. Hi!! Thanks for the tips.
    However, it would be more useful if I get more tips to improve my cheeks as I really need it.
    Hope to see more natural tips to improve the cheeks.


  3. hey did they work to any1 of u…? going to give a try..better to try than doing nothing..i hope these natural tips will help me..and thanks for the one who posted..keep going if u have new tips as well..


  4. Guys try this website. There are exercises for the cheeks.


  5. hi! i have long and slim face with thin cheeks and my body is also very slim i need advice to make my face healthy and may cheeks fuller please give me some easy and usefull tips for make my cheeks fuller ….i m waiting for ur reply


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