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Granuloma Annulare Skin Condition

Granuloma Annulare (GA) is a rare skin condition where tiny pimples or red lesions develop on the skin. They usually appear in a circle or ring, and are usually found all over the face, neck, feet and hands. This skin condition is basically found in children and young adults, and tends to affect more girls than boys. It is also good to note that this skin condition does not prevail in any particular race or to a particular geographical area. Although it can be found in all ages, it is the younger age group that is more prone to granuloma annulare.

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Granuloma Annulare

Granuloma Annulare

The most common form of granuloma annulare is localized granuloma annulare, where there are small, red colored bumps or nodules appearing on the skin. These lesions differ both in size and color, sometimes appearing almost yellow. The treatment for granuloma annulare is also unknown, but certain things can be done to make the spots less obvious. The red pimples appear and disappear on their own, and after a certain period they disappear all together. Whether treatment is given or not, these spots disappear after a certain time.

Types of Granuloma annulare

1. Localized Granuloma Annulare
2. Generalized (Disseminated) Granuloma Annulare
3. Perforating Granuloma Annulare
4. Linear Granuloma Annulare
5. Subcutaneous Granuloma Annulare

What are the causes and symptoms?

The exact cause for the formation of granuloma annulare is not known, but it is associated with diabetes or thyroid disease at times.

Some of the symptoms include –

The first and foremost symptom includes rashes or bumps on the skin, in the form of a circle. Itching symptoms are also experienced by some of the patients.

When to see the doctor?

You will need to see the doctor if you feel that this condition makes leading a normal life problematic. If it is ruining your confidence or it is putting your self esteem down, you might need to get yourself treated. If the lesions are spread in large areas on your body, it is best to pay your skin doctor a visit. Another reason to get this kind of skin condition diagnosed is because such lesions often tend to resemble other chronic sin diseases such as cancer, etc. In such cases it is essential to have a professional diagnose you and tell you the exact problem. While some may be comfortable to go out in the open as they are, others may not. Hence a few treatment options can also be discussed with the doctor during your visit.

What are the various treatment option for granuloma annulare?

As mentioned above, treatment is usually not necessary. But if you are conscious of these red bumps on your skin, you can approach the doctor to make them less visible. This is usually done for pure cosmetic purposes. One of the treatments includes a steroid injection into the body; this is usually not recommended by the doctors because of its side effects. Corticosteroids, either oral or creams is also used to reduce the size of the lesions.

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  1. Granuloma annulare (GA) is a common condition of unknown cause. It appears most often over knuckles and other joints or in places that are subject to frequent, mild injury such as the back of the hands or top of the feet. It is seen most often in older children and young adults.


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