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Fungal infections


  • Rub oil of lemon grass mixed with coconut oil or sesame oil, which is highly effective for quick relief.
  • Apply either the juice of marigold leaves or the paste of grounded leaves of ‘genda’ flower or ‘Tulsi’ leaves.
  • Another remedy for ringworm is to scratch the patch and apply to it the paste of borax mixed to lime.
  • If the ringworm becomes chronic, it should be rubbed with a coarse cloth and applying to it a sap of swallow wort (Akh).
  • Avoid taking hot and pungent food and diet of milk and rice.


It is another form of fungal infection caused by candida albicans. Patients suffering from diabetes mellitus and hypothyroidism are usually prone to this infection. It may be associated with the use of oral contraceptives involving skin, intestines and vagina. Anti-fungal drugs along with antibiotics are usually prescribed by the doctors. Always take fatty diet with the treatment to allow maximum absorption. It includes thrush another common infection usually develops in the gastro-intestinal track and the skin of the individual persons. It is a disorder of candida in which whitish curd-like deposits appear on the tongue in infants as well as adult women with immune deficiency. Thrush infection of vagina is also called vulva vaginitis, is common in women with itching and discharge accompanied by redness in genital area or on the glands in male organ. Contraceptive pills and use of antibiotics can create conditions, which encourage thrush. Avoid wearing nylon panties and tight jeans. Moist environment encourage this disease.

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