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Fix Winter Dry Skin in 4 Steps

During winter season for many of the people skin turns dry and gives a parched look. This is mainly because of the lack of moisture content. Sometimes the skin becomes little bit tight and itchy with some cracks over it.

Not only winter even over exposure to air conditioning causes skin dryness. OK let’s keep the causes apart and now I am going to help you in keeping your skin moist and glowing throughout the year irrespective of the seasons and temperature.

1) Use warm water for taking bath instead of hot showers. Many of us like to get a hot shower bath during winter season but many don’t know that hot water is the main culprit for turning our skin dry. If possible it’s better to take bath with ordinary water which may be little cold during winter season. At least for face don’t use hot water and try to get some fresh mineral water for face.

2) Buy a good moisturizer and apply it over the skin and this gives you additional protection. After taking bath completely remove all the water droplets on your skin with a soft towel and apply the moisturizer. You can do this twice a day preferably morning and evening or before going to bed.

3) Increase water intake. Have in your mind that you must definitely take 8 glasses of water everyday. Once you start drinking good amount of water you will notice that your skin is not that much dry as it was before. In addition to skin treatment water also has lots of health benefits. People consuming water every morning in empty stomach feel much better throughout the day.

4) Good Nutrition is always the hero. Take more vegetables, eggs and nuts. Take foods that are rich in beta carotene. Yellow and orange vegetables especially carrots are rich in beta carotene. Start consuming more healthy fats such as omega 3 oil, olive oil etc.

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