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Face Packs

  1. Anti Sun Tan Pack – It is suitable for all types of skins for uniform complexion when used mixed with rose water and lemon juice.
  2. Sandal Pack – It is suitable to tone up all types of skins and lighten the blemishes when used with rose water and glycerin.
  3. Tulsi Pack – It is suitable for skins prone to acne and pimples.
  4. Neem pack – It is suitable for acne, pimple and scarred skin due to its antiseptic properties.
  5. Cucumber Pack – It is suitable for dull, tired, tan skin (dry to normal skin) due to cleansing and toning properties when used with rose water.
  6. Egg Pack – It is suitable for dull, wrinkled skin when used with rose water or a toner.
  7. Orange Pack – It is suitable for excessive oily skin when used with astringent lotion.
  8. Mint Pack – It is suitable for normal skin when used with rose water.
  9. Skin Toner – This tones the skin, reduces the pore size, and prevents excessive sweating and sebum secretion.
  10. Cleansing milk – Opens pores and draws out the dirt, dried sweat and sebum.
  11. Astringent Lotion – It is used for only skin and re-closes open pores.
  12. Sun Screen Lotion – It has the property to reflect back light and prevents rays from stimulating the production of melanin.
  13. Moisturizer – It is essential for all types of skins.
  14. Olive Oil – It is rich in vitamin E. Healthy skins need high proportion of vitamin E.
  15. Rose water – It has natural toning properties.
  16. Cold Cream – It has good moisturizing property and prevents dryness.
  17. Massage Cream – A light weight, non-greasy and easily absorbable cream, which leaves relaxing effect on the facial / body muscles and lot of glow is observed after massage.
  18. All purpose cream – It is light in weight massage cream, which can be used to prevent dryness, provides softness and glow to the skin.
  19. Almond nourishing cream – It is used as best remedy for any type of skin problem. Almond creams revive back the skin texture and brings glow.
  20. Calamine lotion – It helps in removing pimples, acne, scar and has sun-screening agents.
  21. Tulsi pomade – It protects the skin from becoming dry. It heals dry, chapped and cracked skin. It possesses both anti-bacterial and antiseptic properties.
  22. Petroleum jelly – It protects the skin from drying and nourishes it.

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