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Calendula for Skin Care

Calendula is a herbal plant which is mostly found in the United States of America, Western Asia and Europe. Its botanical name is Calendula Officinalis. Calendula comes from the Asteraceae herbal family. Calendula consists of flavonoids which are plant-based antioxidants that protect body against free radicals which damage the cells. Calendula can be applied to all skin types, whether dry or oily. It is widely used in anti-aging creams and lotions for sensitive, dry and damaged skin. Research shows that the active ingredients found in calendula which address healing problems are not still known. All the same, calendula is used world wide. Today most skin lotion manufacturers add calendula as a key ingredient because of its many benefits for the skin. Calendula becomes commonly available on the market during the early parts of spring.

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How beneficial is calendula for skin

  • Calendula is a natural herb which is transformed into oils, gel and ointment to cure gastritis, eczema, wounds, sunburn and stings. Research shows that the use of calendula can help improve blood flow in the body, especially in affected skin areas. This helps renew and rebuild the skin.
  • People with dry broken skin are more likely to get benefitted from calendula since it is a great skin healer. It can very well cure skin irritations because of its antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties.
  • People who are faced with acne problems can also be benefited from calendula since it serves as a great way to cure acne.
  • You can use calendula oil to moisturize your skin after a cool shower.
  • Calendula oil is used to soften post-surgical scars.
  • Another amazing thing about calendula is that it leaves no scar on the irritated area unlike other skin repair lotions and creams.
  • Calendula can also be used in place of traditional skin cleansers which usually have side effects like burning sensation or irritation. You can add other ingredients to it when it is being used as a skin cleanser.
  • Calendula herbs are also applied to swollen and tired feet.
  • If you frequently get red eyes, infused calendula herbs can be of great help for washing of red eyes.

Side effects

Calendula may rarely produce some side effects such as

Other than skin care calendula can also be taken as a form of internal medicine to treat ulcers, stomach cramps, toothache and colitis. Taking in calendula herbs helps food to digest easily. However, on the other side if you are pregnant, you should seek medical advice before using any calendula products. Also, there can be often disastrous side effects when calendula is combined with other herbs. Thus, you should always consult the advice of a medical practitioner if you still want to do a combination of calendula and other herbs.

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