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Brazilian Beauty Tips

Brazil is a land of beautiful women. The country is a major hub for beauty industry. Are you wondering what makes a Brazilian woman stunning personality with smooth body and sharp features? Well, here is list of amazing Brazilian beauty tips which would turn your personality as attractive as a Brazilian woman.


Brazilian beauty

Brazilian Bikini Wax

Bikini waxing is the removal of pubic region hair utilizing wax. Pubic hair is considered to be totally unaesthetic especially when you were thong bikinis. Pubic hair removal is not an easy task. It takes a lot of practice and vigilance to have a perfect shave. Let us now see how exactly Brazilian bikini wax helps you do this? Brazilian wax removes the hair from your pelvic region as well as from buttocks. A vertical strip is used to remove the hair from your pelvic area. It turns out to be extremely painful for some hence is not advisable to do it yourself. If you are doing it for the first time it is better to approach a professional in Brazilian bikini wax service and then gradually you can practice to do it on your own. It is advisable to grow hair a bit (about ¼ inch longer) before you actually undergo bikini wax. This would help to lower your pain. Complete bikini wax leaves a totally clean and smooth pelvic area. Thus you can move around with your swim suit or thong bikini all over the beach without any hesitance.


Sugaring is one of the most famous techniques. Most of the Brazilian women use sugaring which is also known as Brazilian wax to remove the unwanted hair in certain areas. This is particularly used for upper lip waxing, leg waxing, underarm waxing, and forearm waxing. The waxing mixture is prepared by mixing sugar and lemon and that’s the reason for its name. All you have to do is simply mix some sugar, water and lemon juice and boil the mixture. Let the mixture cool down for some time and then gently apply on unwanted hair. Next make use of wax strips or any piece of old cloth and press it against the mixture applied on your skin and pull it against the opposite direction of hair growth. This is a simple homemade recipe which can be prepared by anyone for a reasonable price. This simple procedure of few minutes will make your skin smooth, silky and attractive.

Babassu Oil

Babassu oil is one of the ancient beauty secrets of Brazilian women. This oil makes your skin very soft and beautiful. This oil is in fact a natural emollient moisturizer. Babassu oil blends with all types of skin(normal, dry, oily etc). This non-greasy oil is almost similar to coconut oil. It is in semi solid form which slowly melts down on your skin. You can use it as bath oil, massage oil or as a normal moisturizer.

Brazilian Keratin

Brazilian Keratin is one of the hair treatments undertaken by most of the Brazilian celebrities. This treatment is considered to be highly effective. This treatment turns your frizzy hair silky and smooth. The process involved in this treatment is known as progressive blow dry treatment. Your hair is sealed with the help of keratin. As a result your hair turns out to be extremely shiny and rather straight. The ingredient of this treatment is used in most of the hair treatment products which make your hair stronger and longer. Majority of the Brazilian women’s hair is straight and attractive. This makes them look more beautiful.

Acai Fruit oil

Acai fruit oil is another add-on to the list of Brazilian beauty tips. Skin is the most apparent accessory of a woman. Acai fruit oil is a good natural treatment to enhance your skin texture like that of a Brazilian woman’s skin. You can get this oil from market or can also make it at home. Some even make the paste of acai fruit. You can simply make a paste of acai fruit and apply it on your skin. You have to apply this paste daily and wash it after 30 minutes. This paste gradually removes all the dead cells of your skin and develops a new shiny layer.


Sand is an important element that has the potential to keep your entire body smooth and shiny. Brazilian women hang out in beaches rubbing their body on beach sand which stimulates the skin and makes it smooth and soft over a period of time. Most of the people have a misconception regarding sand effects. Some people believe that sand makes skin too rough and make it more tanned. In fact this is a total misconception. As a matter of fact you should know that sand has the power to remove the dead cells of your skin and gives a healthy look to your skin. Hanging out in the beach and lying over the beach is not only just a fun activity rather it helps you get highly attractive skin. This tip does not cost you even a penny. All you need to do is simply take some sun bath and relax lying on the beach sand.

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