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Why Sex Is Better After 50?

Surprisingly 50’s are emerging to be the new 20’s for women. Being free from the hassles of menstrual cycles, babies, getting pregnant and lesser responsibilities has greatly helped in boosting the sexual drive in women and making them increasingly sexually active and experimental in their 50’s. Gone are the myths of mid-life crisis; women are now ready to put aside all inhibitions and be sexually active.


Sex after 50

No worry about getting pregnant

Throughout her fertile period the top most concern for women is not to get pregnant when she is not planning any kids. This worry consciously or unconsciously causes stress and strain in the mind of the woman and keeps her comparatively inhibited and cautious. Once menopause sets in the worries about getting pregnant are gone. This contributes in a major way to women being open to a carefree sex life than she would have been earlier.

Growing kids & family responsibility

During the earlier part of any woman’s life her kids and family takes up a large chunk of her time. This invariably tires her down and her priorities are not she herself but her family. Invariably this ends up affecting her sex life as she is either too busy or too preoccupied. When a woman steps into her 50’s her kids are grown up and the family is more or less functioning well without her hands-on help. All this leaves her with more time for her to indulge in various things she did not have time for earlier. Now planning a weekend with her partner and relishing in sexual bliss is no longer a fantasy.

Uninterrupted sack session

Now that the kids are all grown up and maybe not living together so it is easy to have long uninterrupted sex sessions without any crying kid interrupting things mid-way. Time to get more experimental and enjoy to the maximum; now is the time to spend more quality time without any distractions.

Better understanding of body and needs

By the time one reaches 50 one is done with sexual inhibitions and is very clear about what the body needs and how to experience pleasure. As women are more relaxed and less shy they are free to experimenting and ensuring they enjoy sex like never before.

Increased sex drive

The menopausal stage may give the sex drive a boost with women wanting and demanding more sex and enjoying it all the more. In case the desire reduces women may opt for hormone replacement therapy too to do the needful. Also in case women suffer vaginal dryness she may always use some lubricants to ease the problem.

Financial and career stability

The financial stability by the time of 50 automatically brings with it a carefree approach to life and the need to experiment and enjoy life to the fullest. Being free of financial burdens and liabilities is the time to bring zest and enthusiasm to the sexual life.

Tips for a great sex life after 50

  • Plan out small trips with the partner and be more open to trying out something not ventured into before.
  • Let go of all inhibitions and be more experimental and try discovering the partner all over again.
  • If the woman is facing any form of sexual discomfort or dryness it is recommended to visit a doctor who can advise prescribed medications and lubricants.
  • Do not adhere to any stereotypes regarding sex being taboo after 50. Every individual is responsible for his or her sexual choice. Sexuality does not come with any expiry date and as long as the individual feel fit enough to be sexually active he should continue to be so.

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