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Strengthening Sex Organs

Usually each girl has disturbances of menstruation – late or painful or too little or sometimes too much, which leads to resulting in retardation of the body’s growth. As for boys, they usually turn to self-abuse and start getting dreams pertaining to sex-love and their overall growth is disturbed. Moreover, this creates psychological problems, which if not solved immediately, usually become the root cause of unhappiness in couples in early married life. Proper functioning of sex glands help in maintaining heat of the body and play an important role in developing attractiveness of a teen-aged girl or boy. To strengthen sex organs, females are advised to apply pressure on pressure points on palms of both hands regularly, during and after the pregnancy as these glands secrete sex hormones. It also causes problem of sex rigidity or over-sex desire. A couple had no issue even after 10 years of their marriage. Both started acupressure treatment applying pressure on palms of both hands to strengthen their glands. Surprisingly, wife became pregnant within ten months.

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