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How to use a condom

Condoms are the only means of contraception, which prevents both pregnancy and AIDS or other sexually transmitted diseases (STD). Other methods of contraception (pill, injection) allow you only to have intercourse without risk of pregnancy. So, for the most pleasant relations use the pleasant coats!

Now the partner enters your room. The great moment has arrived and you can not read the instructions written too small in the dark and of course, impossible to find the switch. So you better read the instructions now and keep it in your mind.

Condoms for Safe Sex

1. Check expiry and open carefully : Check the expiry date of the condom and see to that it is manufactured by a government certified company. Open the package carefully without damaging the condom. With your fingers! Not with teeth. Do not damage the condom with your fingernails, rings or other sharp objects

2. Get up! Stand up! : First wear the condoms when your penis becomes erect before getting into contact with your partner’s body because a drop of semen flows before ejaculation.

3. Squeeze it : Squeeze the top tip of the condom to expel air. Hold the top and pull it to the base of the penis. First time you may feel a strange sensation but after few experiences you will be used to it.

4. A non-greasy lubricant : To facilitate the penetration and improve the protection it is recommended to use a non-greasy lubricant preferably water based. Don’t take the one that comes to your hand. No butter, Vaseline or cream. And if the oil can be useful for your car or your salad, it is not an ingredient in recipes of love. The fats damage the condom, making it porous and therefore permeable. Lubricant is not a must it just used to give better feel and comfort. Instead of using a wrong lubricant you can better avoid it.

5. No Escape

Check that the condom remains in place. If it doesn’t perfectly fit you then try a new one.

6. The final work

After you take out the penis from your partner remove the condom with a tissue paper and throw it in the trash and not in toilet.

That’s it. Hope you have a great experience tonight.

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