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How to get a child of Desired Sex?

If the day on which the menses is seen is to be counted as the first day then the couple will be in a position to have a child of desired sex. The couple should avoid sexual intercourse during menses. Otherwise if there is conception in this period, there is possibility of child born with some major physical and mental defects.


For getting male child, on the even dates such as 4, 6, 8, 10, 12, 14 day, the husband should lie with his wife on the left side during sleep for 15 minutes to enable him to breathe with his right nostril before they indulge in sexual intercourse.


For getting a female child, it is suggested that on odd dates such as 5, 7, 9, 11, 13, 15 day the husband should lie with his wife on right side for 15 minutes to enable him to breathe with his nostril before preparing for sexual intercourse.

If the intercourse is made during the later dates between 10th to 15th day there is possibility of conceiving immediately and the child to be born will be healthy. The mother should take care of his health after the delivery of the child. Eat plenty of seasonal fruits and drink enough milk to get maximum natural calcium. The expectant mother should have acupressure therapy treatment and have some light exercises including walking throughout pregnancy period to ensure healthy growth of baby in womb. Remember, the child starts learning from the mother’s womb. The husband should keep his wife happy during the vital period.

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