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Health Benefits Of Sex: Yes It Really Is Good For You!

Sex is an important part of life for most people and while there are many negative sides to sex, such as the event of unwanted pregnancies and STD’s for example, there are also some health benefits of sex.


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I think that there is so much publicity about the bad things that can result from sex, that it is almost terrifying people out of having sex. That’s not to say that there aren’t some negatives to sex and protection and care should always be used, but we are forgetting that there are many health benefits of sex or perhaps some people don’t realize sex can be good for them.

With that in mind below are some of the health benefits of sex, proving that yes it really is good for you!

Sex Can Increase Your Life Span

Having sex can actually increase your life span – who would have thought? By having two orgasms a week, or more if you are lucky, will actually increase your life span.

This is because when our body is excited or aroused, a hormone is released called DHEA – which is short for Dehydroepiandrosterone. ( I know long name and a mouth full that’s for sure!)

As more DHEA is released, our bodies will get more benefits from each orgasm. In theory, the more orgasms you have per week, the higher you lift your life span. In a Study made by University of Bristol, it was found that Mortality risk was 50% lower in the group with high orgasmic frequency than in the group with low orgasmic frequency.

Our immune system will be boosted which will prevent us picking up nasty infections and colds, making it less likely that we will catch one. It also repairs old and damaged tissues, improves mental agility with things like cognition and can go a long way to keeping out skin healthy.

Sex Burns Calories & Can Be Good For Weight Loss

Depending upon how rigorous your sexual sessions are, you could be burning up to around 150 calories per half an hour during sex. If you are really frisky then you could burn up to 300 calories, but I would think that takes a lot of doing. 150 calories is equivalent to a chocolate bar or a pack of crisps!

Sex can be a useful aide if you are trying to lose weight and if you have suddenly developed an intense fear of the gym – don’t worry you are not the only one. Having the motivation to go when losing weight makes it near impossible.

To burn that many calories in such a short space of time you would have to go on a fierce jog for half an hour or really work out in the gym.

Sex De-Stresses You

We all have stress in our lives and it’s about how we respond and react to it that matters the most. Some people exercise, some drink, some smoke, some read and some…. have sex.

Sex has been scientifically proven to relieve stress. People who don’t have sex are wound more tightly, are snappy, irritable, and usually have a low libido. Stress can kill, especially the sex drive.

By having sex regularly with your partner you naturally De-stress and keep your libido at a healthy level.

Sex Is Good For Immunity

I bet you know one person, maybe it be at work, a social event or even a family member, who just never gets ill? You sometimes ask yourself, ” why do they never get ill?” and the answer is they are probably having sex a lot.

Having sex once or twice results in the body releasing an antibody called Immunoglobulin A or IgA for short. This helps prevent against common colds, flu, infections and will generally keep person healthy.

Sex Makes You Sleep Happy

Sex is good for our sleep pattern in the short and the long-term. In the short-term it will make us tired and send us off to sleep and in the long-term, a good sleep pattern is linked with weight and blood pressure stability.

After sex, most men often drift off to sleep after reaching an orgasm while women are left in a state of arousal. During sex a chemical called Oxytocin is released which is responsible for better sleep patterns.

In Pain? Have A Headache? Have Sex

Ahh.. the good old excuse of having a headache when it’s time for sex. Unfortunately it’s been proven now that sex is a natural pain-killer, so it’s kind of a poor excuse now.

The chemical we were talking about just now, Oxytocin, is responsible for many of the health benefits as a result of sex. It has pain killing properties and with the body also releasing endorphins, sex will make us happy as well.

Headaches are just one type of pain that sex helps to relieve. Menstrual cramps and general aches and pains can also be relieved.

Sex Is Good For The Heart

For men in particular, sex is very good for the heart. Those who have sex at least twice a week reduce their risk of having a heart attack by half – which is an incredible stat.

In women, there is relatively little known about the implications of sex on the heart, although one thing is certain and that’s sex is a form of exercise. As long as you are physically healthy, then sex should be a good form of exercise.

Sex Is Good For Our Mental Well Being

Sex has long been linked to good mental health. This is because of the release of endorphins, having sex can make us feel happier again and can be good for mood swings. Actually sex without condom use is linked to better mental health for both partners.

Not only that but because of all of the other benefits listed above we can feel generally more happy and content.

Also, Oxytocin is known as the love hormone because it is released when a couple start to get intimate and this is known to increase the natural harmony between the couple. It can increase the trust between couples and generosity.

I hope you have found the above health benefits of sex interesting – I know I certainly have!

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