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When you stop Smoking…What happens?

give up smoking

give up smoking

In 15 minutes,

  • Your body blood pressure levels are down and pulse rate comes to normal.
  • Blood circulation improves in your hands and feet and they become little warmer.

In 9 hours,

  • Body oxygen levels are now back to normal.
  • From now onwards chances of heart attack starts falling.

In 1 day,

  • Carbon monoxide gets eliminated from your body.
  • Mucus and other debris are getting cleared out by the lungs.

In 2 days,

  • Hereafter nicotine won’t be detectable in your body.
  • You have more sense of taste and smell.
  • Nerve endings starts re-growing.

In 3 days,

  • Easier breathing as your bronchial tubes are now healthy.
  • Increase in body energy levels.

In 3-12 weeks.

  • The entire body circulation system performs much better. Now when you go for walking you feel much healthier.

In 3-8 months,

All breathing issues are solved and now your body is almost free from coughing, sinus congestion, shortness of breath and wheezing.

In 1 year,

The risk of coronary heart disease is reduced and only half of that of smokers.

In 4 years

  • Death risk due to lung cancer is reduced by half.
  • Stroke risk is reduced to that of non smokers.
  • Risk of Cancer in throat, mouth or oesophagus is only half of smokers.

In 8 years

  • Lung cancer risk is same as that of non-smokers.
  • Cancer risks are same as that of non-smokers.

In 12 years

No risk of coronary heart disease.

give up smoking

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