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Tips to Quit Smoking

Many people pick the habit of smoking to either prove a point or to fit in a certain group without considering its consequences. Smoking is a very easy habit to pick up but it truly gives hard time to those who wish to quit it. Once you get addicted to smoking, stopping becomes a challenge but that does not mean that it is not doable. Definitely humans have all the powers to accept challenges and do what they think they can do.

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quit smoking

Quit smoking

There are various tips that can help smokers quit this deadly habit but only when enough commitment is given. It calls for a very strong will to finally deal with smoking and to forget it forever. There are people who quit for a while, find it difficult then go back to the same track. Having some motivation during the period of quitting can help you stop smoking successfully.

  • The first and foremost thing you need to do is to set your mind and all powers at one point that you really want to quit and commit yourself to doing just that. Don’t do it for anybody else but for yourself.
  • Remind yourself of all the dangers you are exposed to and make a decision to stay healthy.
  • Joining a quit forum can really help.
  • You can even set rewards to motivate yourself to quit smoking.
  • Come up with a plan on how to start with your journey of quitting. You can do this by writing down all the positive things you are going to get upon quitting smoking. Remind yourself of those positive points every time you feel the urge to smoke.
  • Come up with all possible motivations that will help you deal with regular urges.
  • After coming up with a plan, ask friends and family for support and let them know what to expect during this period.
  • You can even set a particular date to quit smoking forever and even throw a small party to mark the beginning of a new life. If you have no idea of how to go about the process, you can consult your doctor to get guidance and support.
  • Once you are on the track, adopt an exercise regime to recover from all body damages that you have suffered during smoking. Apart from keeping you fit and healthy, exercises will distract you from negative thoughts that may make you fall.

Have patience, keep your motivation level up and even if can’t make it in first attempt, get up and continue till you finally win.

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