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Smoking is the source of most preventable deaths in the world, and with nearly 3,000 children smoking their first cigarette each and every day – the problem is only growing.

One thing is quite apparent and that is that most smokers will start smoking when they are in their teenage years and it is only later in their lives they realize that they really don’t want to smoke and try giving up. The problem is though that once you start it is very difficult to give up, as I am sure you have already worked out.



Most people first try to quit smoking by themselves. Usually this is not successful, and the next step is to get patches – which help more people than the previous idea, but they don’t always quit as on average it takes smokers 7 times to try quitting before they actually do for good.

Quit Smoking With

Having scoured the Internet for ages I think I have found the best place to help you quit smoking, and that’s a site called

This is a website that offers information and help on quitting smoking. It is free and by joining you will benefit from the following:

  • Personal Quit Page
  • Medication Guide
  • Local Support Guide
  • Self Assessment Tools
  • 24/7 Support
  • Weekly Chats With A Counsellor
  • Expert Support
  • Personal Account
  • Quit Buddies
  • Access To Forum
  • Personal Quit Guide

If you want you can still use patches etc., because this site gives you the feeling that you are a part of group and not alone in your struggle to quit smoking. By getting to know other members you will build up “quit buddies” who will support you and encourage you.

Like anything, if you feel like you have support, you are much more likely to actually do what you are trying to do. Site membership is for as long as you feel you need it; even after you have quit smoking, you can still go to the site and try and help others do the same.

Hope the site can help and support you in your mission to quit smoking.

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