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Zumba And Pregnancy

Regular exercise during the time of pregnancy is a good thing, both for mother and baby. Getting the blood circulating will help to ensure that blood flow is also going to the amniotic sac, which of course harbors the baby. For pregnant women, there is often the question as to whether or not zumba can be done during pregnancy. Women who are going through a normal phase of pregnancy with no complications or problems, can exercise very well and is often recommended by health care professionals.


Performing Zumba

Can I Do Zumba While Pregnant?

Zumba is a fitness workout that was created in the 90′s. It combines high energy aerobic exercise with Latin and International music. This can be found in many athletic clubs and has become quite popular in the past few years. Zumba is basically a fast-paced exercise, but as with any type of cardio, modifications can be made for safety and comfortability. When doing Zumba or other exercises while pregnant, there are a number of considerations and precautions that should be followed. Any type of exercise should be cleared by the doctor who is overseeing the pregnancy. If they have any reservations about doing a particular exercise, then it should be avoided.

If the person had been regularly exercising before pregnancy, then there is no need of too much concern about heart rate while exercising during pregnancy. With that in mind, it’s also better to consult physician before beginning any new exercise routine.

The level of activity should be adjusted when pregnant. Very explosive or sudden moves should be avoided. Jumping and quick twisting moves should be avoided or limited. The total time spent exercising should also be limited. A full length Zumba session is probably not the best idea.

Before doing Zumba there should be a small warm-up session to ease the body. Doing things like walking, riding a bike and especially regular stretching are some great ways to prepare for Zumba. As a result, Zumba dancing won’t be too strenuous on the body and moms can work out regularly to avoid gaining too much weight while pregnant. Exercise improves posture, relieves back pain and other discomforts related to pregnancy.

One of the most important advisements for Zumba though is to ensure hydration. Since the baby is dependent upon the mother for nutrition, it is important to drink plenty of water before, during and after the exercise so that the fetus remains in good condition. And of course, any time the mother feels like the exercise is too strenuous, she should stop immediately.

With some basic precautions and extra care, it is possible to do Zumba and other exercises while pregnant. So moms-to-be, get out there and have fun, but play it safe!

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