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Third Trimester of Pregnancy


  • Fetal movements – There should be three or more movements in one hour. If the movements are less, consult your doctor.
  • Blood pressure, urine and swelling of the feet and on other parts of body should be checked and consulted with your doctor in case of any abnormality.
  • Abnormality of breasts and nipples – Wear well-fitting bra. In case you find any abnormality in breasts and nipples, report to your doctor. Start a nipple exercise, in case they are small and buried into the breasts.
  • Abdominal area – During last month of pregnancy, it is very essential to know the position of the baby, which helps a lot during the process of delivery of child. Abdominal examination will provide all the vital information regarding size and growth of the baby as regard period of pregnancy, heartbeat of the baby, and the amount of fluid in the womb and the position of the baby inside the womb.
  • Fatigued and stressed – Some pregnant women feel fatigued and stresses during this period. It is important to relax physically and mentally. Rest and relaxation are essential linked with easy and deep breathing, which helps during painful contractions of labor. To relax lie down on your back comfortably, breathe in and out, then gradually tighten the muscles of the different parts of your body in upward direction. You will soon feel relaxed. You can also relax while sitting on a comfortable chair. Lie on your side with a pillow under your head and two under your upper knees.
  • Constipation and piles – The bowel movements slow down under the influence of the progesterone hormones of pregnancy, resulting hard and infrequent stool. Avoid laxatives. Better consult a doctor. Constant pressure of baby in womb causes irritation of the blood vessels around the anal opening. This also results in soreness, itching, pain and bleeding while passing stool. Avoid standing for long time and consult your doctor.
  • Thick curdy discharge and itching – However, a clear white vaginal secretion usually increases during this period due to hormonal changes causing such vaginal thrush with a thick discharge and itching in the vaginal area. You may also have burning sensation while urinating. However, avoid soap and nylon undergarments and keep area around vagina dry.
  • Breathlessness, discomfort, faint and dizzy and frequent urination – You need rest. This is usually due to low blood pressure and constant weight in the abdomen area. Use an extra pillow to prop yourself up while lying down. Frequent urination during night is due to womb pressing down upon the bladder. You must restrict your fluid intake in the evening. If there is no burning sensation while urinating, there is no need to worry.
  • Spotting is an alarming signal. In case of bleeding or heavy leakage of clear watery fluid from vagina, rush to your doctor immediately.
  • Contraction of muscles, rashes and swelling – This usually cause suffering from cramps and generally due to calcium deficiency. Painful contraction of muscles is relieved by stretching the legs. Massage the affected calf or foot. After getting a bit relief, walk for some time to tone up blood circulation. If the swelling over the ankles and fingers persists even after sufficient rest, then consult your doctor. This swelling is known as oedema.
  • Burning sensation in the upper abdomen – Heartburn is caused due to valve been relaxed during pregnancy as the enlarged womb presses against the stomach, thus pushing food contents up into the food pipe, resulting in pain and burning sensation in the upper abdomen and below ribs. Actually this valve remains closed in the normal condition and prevents the acidic contents of the stomach from entering back into the food pipe. Do not keep your stomach empty for more than 3 to 4 hours. Avoid spicy and fried food. Have warm milk at night before sleep and take anti-acid tablets.
  • Backache – To combat backache, massage the back, starting from shoulders towards the downward. While massaging use the heel of the hands to make firm circular movement preferably with lactum powder. Holding hot water bottle to the base of spine will help a lot. The male partner should extent this service to his wife.
  • To get rid of extra fat on abdomen and breasts – A good time to massage your loose abdomen and breasts is after your shower or bathe. Start with your lower abdomen, making slow, gentle, circular strokes with both hands. Then try some firm strokes, if you like going up and over the bulge, imagining you are lifting the baby back into the pelvis. End the strokes at the top of bulge. Start again at the sides, using the same stroke, but continue up and around your breasts.

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