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How Men React to Pregnancy

When you find that you’re pregnant, it is a truly amazing feeling to know that a new life is developing inside your womb. However, the emotional reactions of your partner may be neutral or little negative. Men usually do not have the same emotional reaction to pregnancy as women do. While some men may be genuinely excited at the thought of becoming a father, the majority of men will not get much excited and they may react with worries and fears. If his reaction is not what you expected, put yourself in his shoes and try to understand his concerns without criticizing his feelings. It is important to give him the time and space that he needs to deal with pregnancy in his own way.


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Reasons Why Men Have Neutral or Negative Reactions to Pregnancy

1. Not Much Physical and Emotional Attachment

Men do not have the same physical and emotional attachment to pregnancy like women because the male’s body is not a part of the actual pregnancy. He will never be able to experience the trials of pregnancy to fully understand how your mind and body are feeling. The physical pains and the emotional ups and downs can sometimes be very overwhelming for a woman. Since your partner does not understand what your body is going through, he may not seem very enthusiastic about the pregnancy. Until your baby gets big enough to show your partner that his child is growing inside by moving around and kicking, it is likely that your partner will feel less attached to the pregnancy.

2. Managing the Expenses

Men have many concerns and worries about pregnancy even if they are not vocalizing their concerns. Men get worried thinking whether it will cause any danger to your lives. Some of the things that most men worry about include future expenses such as health insurance, hospital bills, and the cost of raising the child. Some men also worry about having to give up their favorite past times.

3. Being a Good Dad

While some men look forward to fatherhood, others may not be really ready to become a father because of the fact that their lives will change drastically. Many men have a history of neglect and abuse by their own fathers. Your partner may be worried that he will not be a good dad because he is afraid that he will make the same mistakes that his father made when raising him. If he is concerned that he might treat his child like his father treated him, explain to him that he is in control of his actions and he must make a conscious effort to be a good father.

Seek Professional Guidance

If you and your partner are having trouble communicating, you should seek help from a counselor. It is always better to ask for help from a professional in order to make your relationship stronger.

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