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Having a natural pregnancy

Around 99% of all births take place in hospital. This fact should not put you off a natural birth at home. Statistics show that home births may carry less risk than having a birth at hospital.

Having your own midwife in a situation where they are 100% concentrating on you can also be major plus. Hospitals are busy places and they are many different distractions. At home they are in a more relaxed environment and this will rub off to you and your birth partner.

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Pregnant Lady

Pregnant Lady

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What about hygiene?

Again home birth would be the preferred option here.  Most people keep their homes clean.  Hospitals despite all the cleaning that does go on harbour plenty of dangerous organisms.  Strains of germs in hospitals can be resistant to antibiotics which is unlikely in your own home.

As long as you have the proper cleaning materials and ensure your house and anything you are going to use is hygienically clean you are perfectly okay to have a home birth from this perspective. Following hospital procedures like hand washing, sterilizing instruments and wearing gloves should help to minimize risk.


Being in the home means getting much more freedom to move around.  Your birth partner again will be more at ease which will help. Going to the bathroom is easier and it’s nice to go for a short walk.

What are the disadvantages of home birth?

  • You are responsible for many decisions in your well-being that could cause stress. Many people may prefer to have these decisions made for them by professionals.
  • If there are complications you need to be able to get to hospital. So you must have somebody on hand that can drive and have a reliable car.
  • Cesarean Sections, forceps deliveries and a neonatologist are not available with a home birth.
  • You need to provide your own means and other provision when this would have been provided for you in hospital.
  • Unless the home birth costs are included in your health insurance you are going to have to pay for your midwife and other costs associated with the home birth. You may want to look at costs and whether you can actually afford it before you even start planning.

What are the advantages of having the birth in a hospital?

  • Many women feel safer with a hospital birth.
  • If there is a problem with the birth you don’t have to rush to the hospital and help will be available much quicker.
  • If a cesarean section is required the hospital is the only place this can take place.
  • Pediatrician help and advice is there 24/7, you don’t have to wait till they come to visit.
  • Hospitals have all the best modern equipment available.

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