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Diagnosis of Pregnancy

To find out multiple pregnancies / the demonstration of the uterus and placental situation, hydramnios and placenta praevia, tube shift method is employed as below:

  • Find out first view of the pelvic inlet demonstrated in contour in the antero-posterior projection. The X-ray tube is centered above the patient’s pelvis, so that the central ray of the X-ray beam is directed to pass through a point 3 inches behind the anterior border of symphysis pubis.
  • The radiograph is taken with the patient lying on the left side with a small pillow in between the left loin and the table to keep the lumber spine straight. The thighs are flexed towards the abdomen and knees are flexed 90 degree. The central ray of the X-ray beam is directed through a point just above and behind the great trochauter of the right femur.
  • The radiograph to show the transverse diameter of the outlet and the subpubeic angle is obtained by placing the patient in sitting position. The X-ray beam is directed vertically downwards so that it passes through the mid point of the line joining the two tuberosities clearly defined in the view without distortion.

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