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8 Ways to Give Birth to a Healthy Child


  1. According to Ayurveda, if the intercourse is made during the later dates 10th to 15th the day on which the menses is seen, is to be counted as the first day, there is better possibility of conceiving and the child to be born (if conceived) will be healthy. During the period of menstruation flow, the couple should avoid intercourse, if there is conception during this period, there is possibility of the child being born with physical and mental defects.
  2. The problems of menstruation (early, irregular, scanty, painful, excessive), the treatment of pressing and rubbing on both wrists will leave amazing results to regulate menstruation and cure leucorrhoea (white or yellow discharge).
  3. During first pregnancy the expectant mother is usually much worried and has great tension. This adds to the labor pains, which also vitally affects not only the body but also mind. Even in case of the use of forceps at the time of delivery or caesarean operation, the child’s body may get damaged and even the mother is hurt.
  4. To have a painless childbirth, roll grooved wooden roller vigorously on the back of both arms from nail to elbow for about 15 minutes. If roller is not available, rub palms and soles with two metal combs vigorously from nails to wrist for 5 to 10 minutes. For painless childbirth, apply continuous pressure on the back part of the tongue beyond the teeth for a minute and repeat few times with an interval of three minutes.
  5. To avoid difficult labor, press hard on the inner side above the ankles for two minutes. Pause and press again and again till the child is born. There is often severe pain after the birth of child due to accumulation of milk (not fed on breast milk). Press on the middle portion of the back of both the palms. It will relieve breast pain and inflammation.
  6. After the delivery period there is a serious chance of the women getting obese as the sex glands are disturbed. Press on the palms, which help in maintaining of good physique.
  7. Applying pressure on palms help enough production of milk for the baby. This helps in curing impotency in males. Men and women if disturbed by erotic dreams and discharged in sleep can successfully try this treatment.
  8. In case of suffering from syphilis or other venereal diseases, massage ice on the affected part for two or four minutes. Here is another treatment for those not suffering from diabetes. Take first urine and add to it one or two teaspoon of soda bicarbonate. Boil the urine, allow it cool, remove upper crust with cotton, soak in the urine and massage the affected part and area around it for five to six minutes. Now clean the area with an antiseptic liquid.

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