Drinking water

Why You Need to Drink Water During Summer

Lack of adequate water intake during the summer season results in many health problems. Summer can be enjoyed, given that we take care of our diet and fluid intake.

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Tips for Breastfeeding Success

Article covers simple effective tips for young mothers on how to successfully breastfeed their newborns. Moreover the act of breastfeeding itself is equally beneficial to the mother too.

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Couple lying in bed

Health Benefits Of Sex: Yes It Really Is Good For You!

Sex is an important part of life for most people and while there are many negative sides to sex, such as the event of unwanted pregnancies and STD’s for example, there are also some health benefits of sex.

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Globe artichoke

Globe Artichoke Health Benefits

Globe Artichoke (Cynara cardunculus) has a variety of health benefits that has made it to be included as one of the main ingredients in many herbal supplements.

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Hypericum perforatum

St. John’s wort for Depression

St. John’s Wort (Hypericum perforatum L.) is a common herbal remedy for the treatment of mild depression. It has also been proved beneficial in treating Seasonal Affective Disorder(SAD).

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Chasteberry (Vitex agnus-castus) for Fertility in Women

Chasteberry can help in correcting menstrual irregularities and possibly increase the chances of pregnancy in women who are distressed by difficulties with conceiving children.

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Severe Headache

Foreign Accent Syndrome: What Is It? And Most Notable Cases

Foreign Accent Syndrome is an incredibly rare medical problem, and only around 60 cases have been reported in around 60 years. It most commonly occurs as a result of a brain injury, usually of a severe kind, such as head trauma from an accident or a stroke.

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Pregnant woman

Morning Sickness during First Trimester

Morning sickness is a type of nausea that affects almost 70 percent of expectant mothers during their first trimester of pregnancy. The exact cause and reason for morning sickness have not yet been determined by medical science.

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Ginkgo biloba

Ginkgo Biloba for Treating Antidepressant-induced Sexual Dysfunction

The common treatment for depression is a class of antidepressant drugs known as SSRIs that can have side effects that lower sexual interest and performance in both men and women.

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Hawthorn (Crataegus spp.) Health Benefits

The herb of hawthorn is considered to be potent heart tonic. The herb is believed to have direct beneficial effects on the functioning and pumping of the heart.

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Myrrh (Commiphora molmol) Health Benefits

Myrrh is the dried oleo-gum-resin that combines capricious oil, gum and resin. Myrrh is prescribed for various health ailments where the septic or infection is the primary or secondary cause.

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Health Benefits of Senna

Health Benefits of Senna

Senna is considered to be one of the strongest herbal bowel regulators that is even safe to use in pregnant women and breastfeeding mothers. Native to Africa, senna is primarily used for treating acute and short-term constipation.

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Astragalus membranaceus

Astragalus (Astragalus membranaceus) Health Benefits

Astragalus has been used in Chinese herbal medicine for more than 2000 years and it is being borne out as a helpful herb by scientific research. The root is the viable part of the herb.

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Celery Health Benefits

Celery has the scientific name Apium graveolens. All of the plant parts are extremely aromatic and have healthful qualities. Celery has many health benefits and is an ideal food to incorporate in juices or into soups.

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Coleus forskohlii Health Benefits

The herb that is used more as condiment than medicinal drug, Coleus is native to India. The leaves and root of this herb is found useful in ailments related to cardiovascular and respiratory system.

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Sex after 50

Why Sex Is Better After 50?

Surprisingly 50’s are emerging to be the new 20’s for women. Sexuality does not com with any expiry date and as long as the individual feel fit enough to be sexually active he should continue to be so.

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Man Eating

Male Health Boosting Foods

Men and women have entirely different set of nutritional needs and men should therefore try to include foods that are specifically good for them in order to boost overall health.

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How Long to Wait After a Miscarriage?

A miscarriage is a very traumatic period for any couple, more so the woman. WHO and most Medical professionals say that a rest of about 6 months is needed before attempting pregnancy again.

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