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Tooth Bleaching for Bright Smile

Is your weeding engagement day coming closer or do u have any speech program? Are you afraid of your yellowish teeth? Then tooth bleaching is the best way to whiten your teeth and brighten your smile. Many say that tooth bleaching is harmful but its wrong. Tooth bleaching is the safest method to whiten your teeth and it has been proved very effective. Dentists say that if done perfectly under their supervision the bleached teeth remains white for nearly five years and it’s very safe.

Can I go for Tooth bleaching?

I referred various sources and the reports say that bleaching is successful for 85-90 percent of the patients. You can go for tooth bleaching if your teeth have become dark yellow or brown because of aging, smoking, coffee or other stuffs that you consume.  If you have got stains due to excessive smoking and fluorosis then you can’t get great results. Dentists don’t recommend tooth bleaching if you have high sensitive teeth, periodontal (gum) disease, or worn enamel.

What’s the process?

The dentist will first decide whether tooth bleaching can be done for the patient or not. If it can be done then he will suggest a suitable bleaching method for the patient. Generally bleaching can be done in two methods, one using high-concentration gel and the other with low-concentration agents.

You can go for immediate teeth whitening method if it’s so urgent. You will be made to site in dental chair and the dentist will do in-office bleaching system or laser bleaching system. Nowadays many patients prefer at-home bleaching under dentist supervisional as it’s more economical. High-concentration bleaching is used for both in-office and at-home bleaching.

When you go for next appointment you have to choose the bleaching system. If you don’t go for laser bleaching, the dentist will fabricate a mouthguard appliance for you according to your teeth impressions. Along with mouthguard the dentist will provide you the bleaching materials and instructions for using it.

In some of the bleaching systems bleaching is done for 3 continuous weeks with 3-4 hours of bleaching everyday.

How it works ?

The bleaching gel contains about 10-30% of carbamide peroxide and this carbamide peroxide reacts with water and releases  hydrogen peroxide. This hydrogen peroxide is responsible for whitening the teeth.

Any risk or Side effects?

Tooth Bleaching has been proved harmless and many approved teeth bleaching products are available in the market. Though dentists say there is no harm, there are patients who experience some problems. Over bleaching or improper bleaching on sensitive teeth may cause chemical burns. In some cases the white teeth gets back to the initial dark color. But cases like these are few and you don’t need to worry much about it.

How efficient is the treatment?

Tooth bleaching lasts for about 4 to 5 years but everyone who go for treatment can’t get the same level of whitened teeth.  Bleaching actually improves the teeth color by two or three shades. So don’t carry too much expectation while you go. Once bleaching is over you have to go for some occasional touch up as per the dentist instructions. It won’t cost much.

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