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Quick tips for perfect teeth

Smile plays a vital role in a person’s appearance. Having clean bright teeth will give you the confidence to have a wide open smile. Proper care and attention should be given to maintain strong and clean teeth. Maintaining a good oral hygiene routine can prevent plaque – build up, which is the main reason for gum disease and tooth decay. Here are some good tips to have perfect teeth.

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Perfect Teeth Tips

  • Drink a lot of sugar free drinks (water is ideal) between meals to washout the acids caused by bacteria in mouth.
  • Brush two times a day, preferably morning and night. It’s better to use fluoride tooth paste.
  • Use dental floss or dental tape to clean between your teeth.
  • Have a nutritious diet. Complete your meal with a bit of cheese.
  • Stay away from sugary snacks, sweets and drinks. If you eat such foods at least wash your mouth three or four times immediately after eating.
  • Consult your dentist regarding the use of fluoride supplements for strengthening teeth and also about dental sealants. Dental sealant is nothing but a plastic coating to protect the teeth from decay.
  • Have regular dental checkups.

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