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How to prevent Bad breath

Bad breath is typically known as ‘Halitosis’. Various natural remedies and oral hygiene could provide relief to this problem. Bad breath may be the result of smoking, drinking alcohol and eating foods like garlic, onion and anchovies to a greater extent. In certain cases bad breath may become chronic due to certain medical conditions.

steps to prevent bad breath

steps to prevent bad breath


  • Generally it results due to odour-causing bacteria which undergo multiplication in a rapid manner.
  • The condition when the mouth becomes drier may lead to bad breath, i.e., when the saliva secretion reduces it may cause bad breath.
  • Bad breath is usually noticed in the morning time after sleep because the salivation rate is considerably reduced during sleep.
  • Bacteria grow very well when the mouth id drier.
  • They can also get collected on to the tongue, teeth especially when plaque is present.
  • Bad breath may persist even after taking few medications and this may be due to underlying gum disease which is nothing but a chronic sinus infection.


  • Bleeding gums leading to gingivitis which is nothing but a state where the gums become inflamed causing bad breath.
  • Experiencing disagreeable taste is a sign of bad breath.
  • Most often people don’t know that they have bad breath, so it is advised that you better ask a trusted person for opinion about the odour when you speak.


  • Peppermint – 1 or 2 drops essential oil of peppermint placed in tongue. Having larger amount may lead to heartburn.
  • Fennel – Chew a pinch of fennel seeds after food or whenever needed. Anise seeds can also be used.
  • Parsley – Chew fresh parsley sprig after meal or when you need.
  • Spirulina – Rinse mouth with Spirulina or chew Spirulina tablets. Spirulina can also be drunk along with apple juice there is no harm.


  • It is advisable to brush teeth after every meal.
  • Please try to avoid strong smelling foods.
  • Quit smoking and alcohol.
  • Usage of a moist toothbrush and tongue scraper are advised by many doctors.
  • In case of chronic sinus infection or even in cases of postnasal drip, it is advised to use sinus irrigator, which is a device which supplies a saltwater solution to the nostrils to clean sinus regularly.


In ancient period, people were supposed to chew cloves to freshen their breath before they meet the king.

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