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Top 10 tips for Mental health

In today’s fast running world most of the people suffer from some kind of mental stress or depression. Here this article mainly focuses on some simple easy to follow tips that can ease out and bring down your tension and stress levels and thereby keep your mind much more healthy and fresh. Try to practice the ten points and you will definitely feel good.

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mental health

Mental Health

Here the Top 10 Mental Health Tips

1. Talk to someone: Just getup, immediately go and talk to someone when you are becoming overwhelmed or when you feel depressed. The earlier you get help the more effective it will be.

2. Take plenty of fish: Omega-3 oils in fish such as salmon or mackerel will nourish your brain, which is over fifty percent fat.

3. Be aware of your emotions: Notice how they are making you behave, then practise keeping them under control – some emotional input is healthy, too much can be dangerous.

4. Come out more: Sunlight will trigger the release of melatonin, which boosts your whole feeling of well-being.

5. It’s time to Stop: Don’t work on a project or a job imagining you are a perfectionist and everything has to be exactly right.

6. You probably aren’t going mad: But it is very healthy to wonder about it from time to time.

7. Live yourself: If you are constantly trying to keep up with somebody else’s standards you will be constantly stressed and usually dissatisfied.

8. Know your family history: Depression can be hereditary, and therefore you will be far more susceptible to it if your father or grandfather suffered from it.

9. Counting really works: If you feel yourself starting to lose it, start counting and take deep breaths as you do so.

10. Avoid drinking when you feel depressed: Many actually think that having drinks when depressed will give relief but it will only make you feel more so.

Everything changes in life except change as you all know and so don’t get much worried of anything. “Tomorrow everything will be solved” have this in mind when you go to bed.

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