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Measuring Testicle Size

The testicles are a vital part of the male anatomy for two major reasons. One, the testicles produce and store semen which is vital to the continuation of the human race. Two, testicles create testosterone which is responsible for many characteristics found in men, such as muscle mass and facial hair.


A male’s testicles change in size as he reaches maturity and experiences the largest amount of growth during puberty. For adults or pubescent males curious about the size of their testes in relation to their average for their age group, a special type of measuring device called Orchidometer is available.

testicle size measurement

Testicle size measurement

The orchidometer consists of a series of oval-shaped beads made from plastic or wood that is strung together in the order of increasing size which is compared to a male’s testicles for measurement. Each oval has a number on it that corresponds to a milliliter(ml) amount. For e.g. the oval marked as 4 has a volume of 4 ml. While it is unlikely for most men to have an orchidometer lying around the house, a book with a life-sized representation of orchidometer can be purchased and used for comparison. Alternatively, web savvy users can buy orchidometer online or simply print out a page of orchidometer sizes.

A simple trip to the doctor can also allow a curious male to discover what their testicle size truly is. The doctor will compare each testicle to the string of ovals by sliding over it until he finds a match; thus discovering what the exact testicle size is.

The Tanner Stages of Development

The Tanner stage of development contains a chart of testicle sizes that is designed to show what the average testicle sizes are for different stages of life showing the volume (ml) it can hold. The stages are:

  • Childhood – 1 to 3 ml
  • Early Puberty – 4 to 6 ml
  • Mid Puberty – 8 to 10 ml
  • Late Puberty – 14 to 16 ml
  • Adulthood – 18 to 25 ml
Tanner scale

Tanner scale

Using the Tanner measurements can give men a good idea of what stage of development they are in; this is especially helpful for adolescents who are curious about how far along in the maturing process they truly are.

Perceived Abnormalities

Some men may be surprised to discover that one of their testicles is larger than the other. This is often true of the right testicle, and this is perfectly normal. Men may also discover that one testicle hangs lower than the other. This, too, is perfectly normal and nothing to be worried about.

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