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Hypertension: Signs and Causes

Hypertension is otherwise known as high blood pressure and is a common ailment in many people worldwide. The causes of hypertension, or high blood pressure, is somewhat unknown in many people, where they know they have it but the cause is not known.

In most cases where hypertension is indicated, tests would be run to determine whether there are any underlying causes. If a cause is identified then you would be termed as secondary hypertension, where there is something else in the body causing the high blood pressure. These include problems with the kidneys, heart, and endocrine system.



In other cases the cause of hypertension is put down as primary hypertension where the cause remains unknown. This is the case in 90-95% of hypertension cases. Despite the cause not known, there are lifestyle factors that can effect and contribute to high blood pressure. These include:

Having hypertension for a considerable amount of time is an indication for heart attacks, strokes, myocardial infections and ultimately reduces the life expectancy of the person.

In an ideal world, of course everybody would like a normal blood pressure, but in some cases with secondary hypertension, there are other factors to consider.

With primary hypertension, it is important that we look at our lifestyle and see if we can reduce the risk of developing hypertension.

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