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Tulsi Health Benefits

Tulsi is also referred to as holy basil. The scientific name of tulsi is Ocimum tenuiflorum. In Hindu Religion people worship tulsi everyday during morning and evening and so its referred as a holy herb.

Tulsi  has got various astounding healing properties and it’s very effective in treating various health problems and diseases. But still the western world is not aware of the great benefits of this herb. Let’s see the great health benefits of tulsi which can make you more healthy and fit.

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Tulsi Leaves

The Great Health Benefits of Tulsi Leaves

Improves Memory Power: Daily intake of tulsi remarkably improves memory power and intelligence. The tulsi leaves acts as a nerve tonic that sharpens and boosts the memory power.

Strengthens stomach and improves digestion: Regular consumption of basil leaves strengthens stomach and aids in digestion. It also prevents constipation, flatulence and acidity.

Cures Fever: Tulsi leaves cure all types of fevers such as viral, bacterial and malarial fever. Put 9 or 10 tulsi leaves and 3 gms of black pepper powder to 50ml of hot water and drink it. It is very effective in curing fever. In case of acute fever add powdered cardamom along with tulsi and black pepper.

Prevents  Malaria and Dengue: People who regular take few basil leaves become resistant to Malaria and Dengue. If you don’t like to take raw leaves then you can take it in the the form of tulsi tea every morning.

Cures Bad cough and Respiratory Problems: Chewing few tulsi leaves gives quick relief from bad cough. In most of the ayurvedic cough syrups tulsi is present which shows how beneficial tulsi is in curing cough.  In respiratory problems like asthma and bronchitis, it’s helpful to mobilize mucus. Tulsi leaves along with ginger are effective in curing different kinds of respiratory problems such as bronchitis, asthma, influenza, cough and cold.

Cures Sore throat: If you suffer from sore throat just put few basil leaves in hot water and drink it. You will get instant relief. The same water can also be used to gargle.

Removes Kidney stones: Kidney stones gets removed if tusli leaves are taken regularly. Taking tusli leaves along with honey and water for six months removes stones through the urinary tract. It also strengthens the kidneys.

Treating Cardiac Diseases: Basil leaves produces good effect in people suffering from cardiac diseases. It lowers the blood cholesterol levels and improves blood circulation. It strengthens the heart muscles and improves blood supply to the heart.

Stress buster: Tulsi leaves are regarded as anti-stress agent(adaptogen). Studies have shown that regular intake of tulsi leaves significantly lowers stress levels. Chewing few leaves daily during morning and evening will completely prevent stress.

Cures Mouth ulcers and Teeth Disorders: Chewing tulsi leaves cures mouth ulcers and other mouth infections. It also prevents bad breath. It is useful in teeth disorders such as pyorrhea. The leaves can be used as tooth power by drying it under sun for few days and then crushing it. The power is mixed with mustard oil to use it as tooth paste. Tulsi tooth powder or paste massages the gums and improves overall dental health.

Treating Insect bites: Tulsi leaves are effective in healing insect bites, stings and wounds. Just make a paste of tulsi leaves and apply it over the affected area every few hours and you will get good results. If the pain is more then make fresh juice from the roots of basil and apply it over the affected area.

Treating Skin Disorders: The juice of basil leaves are helpful in treatment of ringworm, skin rashes and other skin disorders. Just make a paste of tulsi and aloe vera and apply over the affected area to get quick results. It is also effective in the treatment of leucoderma.

Other Benefits:

  • Tulsi along with sandal wood paste is applied on the forehead to get instant relief from headache.
  • Regular intake of tulsi prevents night blindness, sore eyes and also improves vision.
  • Boosts the immune system.
  • Reduces Labor pains.
  • The Anti-carcinogenic agents helps to help fight against cancer and tumors.
  • Helpful in treating Cholera.
  • Helpful in treating gastroenteritis.

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