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Health Benefits of Drinking Green Tea

Prevention of disease is the best way to avoid the hassle of looking for medication and the pain that comes with being sick. Doctors all over the world advise their patients to eat well and take care of their bodies so they are able to live longer high quality lives. All diseases can be prevented and it includes developing a culture as simple as taking green tea every day.

Green tea has its roots in the Chinese and Japanese culture. We are living in the technological age, but we can borrow a lot from the cultures of the east and make use of green tea since it has a lot of benefits. Green tea is a type of herbal tea that has many health benefits since it is an antioxidant. With the world being plagued by diseases of all kinds, green tea is considered one of the best preventative measures the world over.

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Health Benefits of Drinking Green Tea Everyday

Weight loss

There is no day that passes when we don’t talk about weight loss. Heck, some people have even made careers out of weight loss. Advising people how to lose weight is the pass time of many others but weight loss is as simple as taking a cup of green tea every day. Being overweight is the cause of heart diseases, cancer, depression and many others diseases. In this day and age, any disease that hits you is compounded by the fact that you are overweight.

Long life

Green tea has antioxidants; the most powerful of them being the EGCG (epigallocatechin gallate). This is the active agent that increases the body’s resistance to diseases like heart diseases. It will help the user to maintain a healthy body weight by reducing the amount of calories you take in. Keeping a healthy weight means a long life. After learning of the benefits of green tea, there are many people who have switched their morning coffee for a cup of green tea. You can reduce your weight in the long term but this also calls for a complete lifestyle change.

Less stress!

Caffeine means stress and anxiety. If you are concerned about the caffeine content in green tea, you will be glad to note that this is one of the healthiest teas in the world, with less than half of the caffeine content contained in conventional tea and black coffee. High caffeine content in tea means a lot of anxiety and tiredness, which many people do not want to go through. With the little caffeine content in tea, it means you can consume allot of green tea daily without feeling tired or exhausted.

Cancer prevention

Cancer is a disease that kills many people now than ever before. Cancers of the lungs, skin, colon, prostate gland, breast, throat and uterus are the most common types of cancer. Technology does not help much those whose cancers are discovered too late. The cure for cancer is in chemotherapy and radiotherapy treatments which have its effects as well. Children suffering from cancer are increasing by the day and even more are succumbing to the disease. It is important therefore to prevent the cancer than deal with the consequences of the disease. This includes quitting habits like smoking and taking green tea each day.

The antioxidant EGCG comes into play here by reducing the chances of getting cancer, especially among those who are naturally predisposed to getting cancer. By taking a cup of green tea every day, you are cutting the chances of getting any type of cancer by more than half.

Improving dental health

Many people suffer from tooth decay because they do not take care of their teeth. Eating too many sweets and not brushing your teeth often will lead to the decay of the oral cavity and a lot of pain as a consequence. Green tea has a lot of fluoride, which is the compound found in many toothpaste brands in the market.

The work of fluoride is to reduce the bacteria in the teeth. Preparing this tea is simple and its benefits are more than the benefits of the regular tea. You should be careful however that you do not sweeten the tea and have to deal with problems of tooth decay all over again.

Strengthen immune system

Adding green tea to your daily routine will strengthen your immune system. Green tea works as a herbal medicine and help keep diseases away.

Getting rid of LDL cholesterol

Most people are overweight and are dealing with heart diseases because of ingesting bad cholesterol. Then there is this group of people with heart diseases who are not overweight. This is the group that can be said to have received the shorter end of the stick and are suffering the consequences of LDL cholesterol; or the bad cholesterol. There is a cholesterol type that is good and ingesting a lot of it will help you to fight off some diseases. LDL cholesterol needs to be removed from your body and green tea will help you to remove them from your system. This will fight off heart diseases.

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    good to know that you have decided to start. in the beginning you may find it difficult to drink bcoz of the taste but dont stop.


  2. ohh that’s really great tea having so much health benefits


  3. Green tea is becoming more popular world over now a days, may be because people have started realising its several health benefits. Its beneficial to limit or even cure many ailments.
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    Here’s a challenge for all of us who plan to make drinking green tea a habit of ours:

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