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Calendula Oil and Radiant Remedy

Commonly also referred to as “pot marigold” is a versatile herbaceous plant and it belongs to the Asteraceae plant family. Due to it’s great healing properties many people grow it in their gardens. The herb grows about 9 to 20 inches. The herb can be easily spotted by its bright yellow to orange colored petals which holds the medicinal properties. Egyptians were aware of its benefits since long ago and they used it for treating a number of skin conditions. Here in this article along with Radiant remedy you are also going to see the preparation of Calendula oil.

Radiant Remedy

Calendula-infused oil, made from the plant’s bright orange and yellow flowers, is a calming ointment for skin afflictions. Apply it to any kind of burn, bruise, or cut to speed healing and help prevent infection. It’s also an effective moisturizer for dry and sensitive skin.

Calendula Oil Preparation

From blossoms to oil in three easy steps.

Step 1

Place calendula blossoms in a quart-size jar. Since any moisture will lead to mold, use only fully dried blooms, and make sure there’s no water in the jar.

Step 2

Pour extra-virgin olive oil or sweet almond oil over the blossoms until completely covered. Seal the jar, and place it in the sunniest spot in the house. Let it sit until oil turns golden, up to four weeks.

Step 3

Using a mesh strainer lined with cheese cloth, strain the liquid into clean, dry bottles or jars. Label and date the oil, and store in a cool, dry place. It can last up to a year.

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