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Beneficial Ayurvedic Herbs

Indian Beech (Pongamia glabra)

This tree is widely spread over all parts of India. It is very commonly seen in Central Himalayas. Extending from South India Indian Beech is widely seen in Sri Lanka also.


  • Oil is extracted from roots, stem, leaves, fruits and seeds of this herbal plant.
  • The herbal oil cures skin diseases, scabies, sores, herpes and eczema.
  • The oil is taken for assisting digestion(stomachic) and very useful for those who have indigestion problem(dyspepsia).
  • Drops of oil is mixed with water when taking bath to get relief from rheumatic joints.
  • The leaf extract cures diarrhea and cough.

Turmeric (Curcuma longa)

The herb belong to Zingiberaceae – ginger family and it is extensively cultivated in Asia. The plant has sharp pointed leaves and it grows about 3 to 5 feet.


  • Different kinds of oils, ointments and lotions are prepared from the extract of the plant.
  • Rhizome juice is used in healing wounds, inflammation and insect bites.
  • The juice extract relieves joints pains and sprains.
  • Cures Eczema and prevents further skin eruptions.
  • Effective in treating cold.
  • Rhizome is consumed with boiled milk for treating jaundice.

Butterfly Pea (Clitoria ternatea)

The perennial herbaceous plant belongs to Fabaceae subfamily. The plant grows well in clay soil and it is found extensively in Africa. The herb requires good rainfall for 3 months in a year.


  • Seeds, roots and bark of the plant is used.
  • Oil extracted from seeds performs cathartic action.
  • Effective in treating poor eyesight, tumors and constipation.
  • It is given to those who suffer from Chronic bronchitis to remove phelym.

Asparagus (Asparagus racemosus)

The plant is commonly found in India especially Himalayas. The plant grows about 1-2 meters and rocky soil is more suitable for cultivation. The herb belongs to Liliaceae family.

  • Mainly used as diuretic, anti-dysenteric and an aphrodisiac.
  • Cures rheumatism, joint diseases, stiff neck, hemiplegia and other diseases of nervous system.
Asparagus racemosus

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