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Aloe Vera for Vitiligo

Though medical field today has developed a lot, however still there are a few diseases of which science is unable to find exact causes and treatments. Vitiligo is one of such diseases for which science is still behind finding the causes and remedies.

Vitiligo, which is also known as leukoderma, is basically a degenerative disease related to skin in which melanocytes pigment cells which are responsible for skin color dies, leaving that part of the skin colorless. People having vitiligo on hands and face are usually ashamed of facing others because they feel discouraged and unconfident. Nevertheless, out of many people’s personal experience Aloe Vera has came up as a natural remedy for vitiligo disease.



A lot of people have treated vitiligo with the help of aloe gel, which is the only natural remedy for this issue. Aloe Vera is vastly in use in many parts of the world because of its cell remediation as well as cell regeneration properties (anti-aging properties). The regular use of Aloe Vera ensures a complete treatment for Vitiligo.

How does Vitiligo Manifest?

Basically the skin acquires light spots exactly at the place where melanin production is missing which then contrast with the original color of the skin. These spots are clearly visible on face, hands, feet, elbow and knee. But in few cases it is possible to notice them on armpits, groin, eyes etc.

Aloe Vera for treating Vitiligo

Aloe vera has a lot of health benefits; one of its amazing benefits is the treatment it offers for vitiligo.  Aloe Vera Gelly on the affected areas can not only help soften the skin but can also produce excellent results when it comes to treating vitiligo. Apply the gel and let it remain on the skin. Use the gel regularly and in a year or two the white spots of vitiligo will become unnoticeable.

Though researchers are still looking for the causes of the Vitiligo, they found a few as:

  • Immunological disorders – Due to the disorders in the internal defense mechanism of an individual, the body start producing antibodies against melanin producing cells which then results in killing them causing white spots in the area.
  • Hereditary causes – Vitiligo can sometimes be hereditary as well.
  • Autonomic – There is another concept that certain substances which brain uses in order to exchange neurotransmitter brings about changes in melanin producing cells which ultimately causes vitiligo.

Though, vitiligo is not a dangerous disease but if left unattended can spread much, so it’s better to start treatment of vitiligo using Aloe Vera to get back your skin color.

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