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Tips to Stay away from Heart disease

At present cardiovascular disease is the biggest health threat in many of the countries. Heart disease is life threatening but it’s treatable. By making little changes to your food routine and lifestyle you can definitely make your heart healthy and can prevent any kind of heart disease or heart attack.

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healthy heart

Have a Healthy Heart

Healthy Heart Tips

1. Track the number: Even a little increase of LDL (bad) cholesterol can become dangerous. As per the American Heart Association the optimal LDL level is less than 100mg/dl and for BMI it’s less than 25. You can surf website to get more related information.

2. Keep Moving: Going for “30 minutes walk” at least thrice a week will drastically cut down the risk of heart disease.

3. Go Veggie: According to research reports women who regularly consume high amount of calories from vegetables have a 24 percent lower chance of developing heart disease compared to women who have much lower intake of vegetables.

4. Stay connected: Maintaining relationships is a big stress reliever. Studies say that women who stay alone most of the times or those who socialize very little were 76 percent more likely to develop heart disease compared to women who often mingle with friends and relatives.

5. Go for a trip: A different kind of study reveals that women who go for vacation trips less than once in six years have more chances to develop a heart disease or get heart attack compared to those who travel once or twice a year.

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