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How to Stay Germ Free Abroad

While away you may have food poisoning or have picked up a viral or bacterial infection. You could feel sick, could be vomiting, have diarrhea or all the three at times.

Most of the travelers suffer from constipation, mainly due to dehydration or a dislike of using a strange loo. Most bugs last about 24 hours but if vomiting continues, or have fever, or stop passing urine then you have to immediately seek medical attention.

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Stay away from Germs

Tips to Stay Germ Free

  1. Wash your hands after going to the loo and before touching the food. It’s better to wash your hands often.
  2. Make sure the food is really hot and cooked thoroughly.
  3. Drink Bottled water and don’t use ice cubes if you’re not in a clean water area.
  4. Steer clear of fruit and salad, in countries with poor sanitation, unless you can peel them or wash them yourself with bottled water.
  5. Get some Hand sanitizer. It is the easy solution to kill germs in your hand.  You can use it often.
  6. Keep your fingers away from the mucous membranes in your nose, eyes or mouth to prevent colds and flu from entering your body. To put it simple avoid nose-picking.
  7. Tell you family members or friends to be clean. Even if those who are accompanying you aren’t clean or if sick then you may be affected.

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