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Five Tips for Healthy Eating at the Airport

Airports can wreak havoc on a diet. Not only are there tons of temptations at the various fast food places available, but you’re limited when it comes to what you can bring through security, since anything liquid or gel-like isn’t allowed. Do you have to travel in near future?

Here are five tips you can use to survive without destroying your diet:

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1. Skip the pre-made sandwiches and look for a Subway

Tons of cafes, shops, and restaurants at airports sell pre-made sandwiches for travelers. This might seem like a healthy option at first (and it often is, compared to fries and a burger), these sandwiches are usually on white bread, slathered with mayo or another high-calorie spread, and using lunch-meat that is packed with sodium for preservation. If you can, find a Subway or other sandwich shop where your lunch is made in front of you so you can choose what goes on the sandwich – and load up on veggies.

2. Bite the bullet and buy a water

Airports are filled with tempting high-calorie drinks like iced coffee and smoothies. Bottled water is expensive at the airport, but bite the bullet and buy a bottle. Not only is water the healthy choice, but you don’t have enough hands for everything. If you’re carrying water, you’ll be less tempted to purchase a different drink.

3. Go for juice on the plane

Almost all flights have drink service, and it can be really tempting to ask for a soda when the cart comes own the aisle, especially if you’re sick of drinking water. Go for juice instead – most have orange juice, apple juice, and tomato juice, and while you don’t have tons of control over the sugar or carbs in the brands they use, they’re healthy options than soda or alcohol.

4. Get the airport early

If you know you’re going to pick up lunch or dinner at the airport, get there as early as possible. This allows you time to walk around the various terminals to look at your food options. Sometimes, there are extremely healthy choices if you have time to hunt for them – if you’re running to the gate, that’s usually not possible.

5. Purchase food before boarding

While the airport may not be the healthiest place to eat, buying food on the plane is even more limiting. You’ll not only pay a ton to by one of their pre-packed meals, but these boxes contain tons of preservatives to stay fresh longer – which translates to unhealthy food. They also usually come with some kind of candy or other treat, which is way too tempting when you’re on a diet.

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